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Homeopathy restores the whole person by using natural remedies to bring balance and trigger the body's natural healing

We cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional care Annie, our homeopathic vet, provided in addressing our cat’s long-term complex skin issues. Despite trying various conventional treatments with limited success, Annie’s holistic approach proved to be a game-changer. She took the time to thoroughly assess our cat’s overall health, lifestyle, and diet, identifying potential triggers for skin problems. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking comprehensive and personalized solutions for their pet’s skin concerns.


From the very beginning, Annie took the time to thoroughly understand my daughter’s unique situation, considering not just her symptoms but also her overall well-being. This personalized approach gave us confidence that we were on the right path. She explained each step of the process, creating a transparent and collaborative environment that made us feel involved in our daughter’s healing journey. I wholeheartedly recommend homeopathic treatment for anxiety, and I’m grateful for the positive change it has brought to our lives.

We reached out to Annie seeking assistance with our son’s physical issues, including severe acne and gut inflammation, following a year of antibiotic treatment. Surprisingly, Annie pinpointed the emotional aspect within the initial ten minutes of our first consultation. Remarkably, after the initial remedy she prescribed, we witnessed a significant emotional transformation. With two more treatments, our son is now not only emotionally stable but also significantly happier—a tremendous relief.   We are immensely grateful to Annie and wholeheartedly recommend her services!


How can I help you?

Welcome! Opting for a vet homeopath means choosing a path of personalized, holistic care for your cherished pet. Unlike traditional vets, we delve into the root causes, offering gentle and natural solutions. Join us for a journey where your pet’s well–being takes centre stage, and healing is approached with heart and homeopathy.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body ‘s healing mechanisms, addressing the root cause of symptoms for gentle and lasting wellness. Unlock Your Health Potential with Personalized Homeopathic Care - Choose Me for a Journey to Lifelong Well–being!


About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m Anelia, a veterinarian and a Classically trained Homeopath based in Essex in the UK.

With a background as a vet turned holistic practitioner, I’ve embarked on a transformative journey that led me to the profound world of homeopathy. After a few years in practice, a new problem emerged for me: the reality of chronic and recurring disease. Animals would come in time and time again for the same problem. I started to feel inadequate by delivering the same treatments every time they were brought to the surgery. I also started to sense a discrepancy between the diagnostic possibilities that existing treatments for a large variety of diagnoses and symptoms came down to using antibiotics, steroids, non-steroidal anti–inflammation drugs a combination of them: treatments were often very similar even if the diagnosis was different.

My introduction to homeopathy came at a critical juncture when my daughter, just three months old, faced a health crisis after a vaccine. Desperate for a safe and gentle solution, I discovered the transformative power of homeopathy. Witnessing its remarkable impact on my family, I decided to delve into this healing art.

I honed my skills at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy under the guidance of Professor Vithoulkas, a renowned figure in the field. His teachings have equipped me to uphold the highest standards in Classical homeopathy, allowing me to bring exceptional care to my patients. My teacher is recognized around the world as the personality who re-established homeopathy in the 20th century. In 1996, He was honoured with the Right Livelihood Award (also known as Alternative Nobel Prize “…for his outstanding contribution to the revival of homeopathy.

My practice goes beyond conventional medicine. It embraces the intricate connection between physical and emotional well-being, often rooted in family and relationship dynamics. I believe addressing these aspects is critical to unlocking lasting health and vitality. I specialize in navigating mental and emotional challenges, recognizing that they often lie at the heart of physical ailments. By piecing together your unique story, I aim to find remedies that support your healing and guide you towards your fullest potential. I’m looking forward to working with you and bringing homeopathy into your life.

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US 200$ / £140 @ 1 hour 30minute

This initial homeopathy consultation is scheduled for one hour and is a necessary step for all new patients.

US $ 125 / £80 @ 30minute

This is a 30-minute follow-up session designed for individuals who have already had an initial consultation.

US $ 220 / £ 150 @ 1 hour 30 minutes

Following each member of your family having an individual first consultation, we can schedule joint follow up consultations at times that suit you.

US $ 325 / £ 210 @ 2 hours

Following each member of your family having an individual first consultation, we can schedule joint follow up consultations at times that suit you.

US $ 55 / £45 @15 minutes

Book an acute consultation for recent issues lasting a few days to a couple of weeks. Share your symptoms for quick remedy recommendations and discuss the fastest way to address your health concerns

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