Acute vs Chronic Conditions in Homeopathy: Understanding the Differences

Is my condition Acute or Chronic? What it is an acute and a chronic in homeopathy?

It can be confusing! Definitely!


When can I treat my symptoms? When do I seek help from a professional homeopath? 

Both can be described according to their own characteristics.

What is an Acute? When do we need it?

Acute prescribing is used when someone needs immediate quick attention for a sudden or very recent illness. Acute illnesses may be minor or they may be serious and intense. Examples: anaphylactic shock, meningitis, pneumonia, cold, cough, diarrhoea, fever, food poisoning, stings, and bruises after sports trauma.

The start is recent and quick with unexpected onset and self-limited. Usually resolve in their own way for a short time. /Hours – a couple of weeks/.  It can be severe in symptoms and changes rapidly. If the symptoms persist longer than 4-5 weeks this could be an indication that the condition is Chronic and this would require a different treatment plan.

It is focused on a very small picture of a few symptoms which makes the prescription easy. / We need at list 4 symptoms / It does not take into account things like a detailed medical history/ family history/ personality and much more. It is not deep-seated.


 What is Chronic? Can we prescribe for ourselves?

In contrast, a Chronic Illness is

long-developing for months or years and may symptoms be not so clear like in an acute.  They are more deeply ingrained diseases than acute ones and often affect the lifestyle of living.  For example, a person with severe migraine, less energy or fatigue. We need to delve deeper into Mental, Emotional and physical symptoms and here the professional homeopath comes to help.


It takes a long time to be cured. Symptoms can come back again and again and never go away without proper treatment.


Usually takes more than 2 – 4 remedies for the whole period in order one time each for.

Why one case of asthma is curable and why the other asthma case is so difficult to manage? Why one case of psoriasis can be cured and the other case can only be helped marginally? You can find more essential information here, where Professor George Vithoulkas answers on a deep level

According to Vithoulkas, every human being is affected by diseases, acute and chronic, which are interconnected throughout life in a “continuum of a unified substratum of diseases,” which leads up to the final disease condition that marks the end of life. You can check here for all indeed details


When should I seek help from a professional homeopath?

Your condition is ongoing, long standing or recurrent.

Your goal is to transform and boost health at all levels – not only physical but emotionally and mentally as well.

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