After the First Remedy

      Hyperactivity child

Our son was struggling for three years with concentration issues at school, we tried various treatments with little success. Annie’s patient explanation of homeopathy gave us hope. Eight months later, not only has his hyperactivity disappeared, but his school performance has drastically improved. We’re incredibly grateful for Annie’s expertise and holistic approach. If you’re seeking positive change, Homeopathy is the answer.



After long years of sleepless nights and trying various remedies, a friend recommended Annie. I was quite a sceptic but my patience was rewarded with restful sleep and much more energy during the day. Treating myself with homeopathy was one of the wisest decisions I made at the beginning of my healthy journey.


       Long term allergy                   

After suffering 20 years of chronic rhinitis and countless allopathic treatments, I decided to try a homeopathic treatment with Annie. Her personalized homeopathic approach was a revelation. Not only did she alleviate my symptoms, but she also addressed the root cause. The results have been astounding – I’m finally breathing freely. Annie’s expertise and compassion have been life-changing. Grateful for her guidance on my journey to wellness!