Homeopathic Consultation for Pets

What happened during at your Homeopathic Consultation with your pet?

Introductions and Discussion: I'll encourage you to share details about your pet's health history, behaviour, and any specific concerns you may have.

Holistic Assessment: I'll conduct a thorough holistic assessment, considering not only the physical symptoms but also your pet's lifestyle, environment, behaviour and overall well-being.

Open Dialogue: Our appointment is a two-way conversation. I'll listen attentively to your observations and concerns, ensuring you feel heard and understood.

Treatment Plan Discussion: Based on the assessment, we'll discuss a personalized treatment plan. This may include dietary recommendations, supplements, and holistic therapies tailored to your pet's individual needs.

Educational Insights: I'll take the time to explain the principles of holistic veterinary care and how the proposed treatments align with your pet's health goals.

Q&A and Clarifications: You're encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification about the proposed plan. I want to ensure you feel informed and comfortable with the suggested approach.

Next Steps: We'll outline the next steps, including any prescribed remedies, dietary changes, or follow-up appointments. I'm here to support both you and your pet on the path to optimal health.

US 55 $ / £42 @ 20 minute
For recent symptoms
US 125$ / £115 @ 1 hour

This initial homeopathy consultation is scheduled for one hour and is a necessary step for all new patients.
US $ 90 / £75 @ 30minute

This is a 30-minute follow-up session designed for individuals who have already had an initial consultation.

4 CONSULTS for $380 / 300 £ / 3 months treatment / Recommending for CHRONIC ISSUES

Homeopathic approach provides personalized care, addressing your pet's individual needs for a balanced and thriving life. Highly recommended for all pets with long term chronic health issues.
Experience a free 15 minute

Conversation to delve into your homeopathic treatment goals and explore how
I can support you. Connect with me via video call to get started.