Decoding Aggravation in Homeopathy: When to Worry and When Not To

Aggravation in homeopathy – Is it a good sign?


Aggravation in homeopathy – Is it a good sign? A very common question to every homeopath . There is no one answer so Homeopathy is a very deep science and aggravation could mean that the remedy is not best indicated or it is.

The best way is to call your homeopath and let him know especially when your case is a chronic issue. Aggravation depends of which level of health you are, which is corresponding with your last fever of 38,5C /F 101.3/ and how often you get fever.

See here for the level of Health  – Prof.G.Vithhoulkas theory


Aggravation could be an excellent sign – when the remedy is correctly indicated, this means that your body had good help from outside  – homeopathic remedy and your immune system works properly , healing is still possible.

It is a process. It takes time and It is not from today to tomorrow. Depends on when is the problem, which level  – physical, mental or emotional and your level of health of course.

Aggravation could mean that the remedy is not best indicated, when it is a close remedy so in this way the symptoms can change or get worse but with no amelioration. For an example – headache can be swapped with vertigo.  Then you need help from your homeopath.If the remedy is proper after the aggravation we definitely expect amelioration but the time depends on many factors. For example, if old symptoms back this is a good sign and we have to wait, remedy is still working and you will be better in a while.

 In my practice as a classical homeopath and don’t hurry to jump in another remedy, this could spoil the case.

Potency has matter so why your homeopath will decide with wich one will start –


We also have a clear hierarchy in homeopathy and this is a job for your homeopath.It is important your homeopath be a classical. /one remedy for a time instead a mix of homeopathic remedies/ It depends of what level is the aggravation because if the remedy is close we also can suppress it with homeopathy.

The aggravation could be on a physical, emotional or mental level. For example when we give a remedy in a person who is suffering from depression and suppressed feelings he can start to be irritable, easy crying and express his emotions  – in this way this is an excellent reaction. The remedy helped to open the blockage feelings and express itself easier. Even the aggravation is a proper direction to treatment.

In other cases when we treat a skin rash after the remedy skin issues can disappear but other problems like hard migraine or gastritis appear. This means that we suppressed the skin issue and the problem developed more deeper. As I mentioned we have a hierarchy in homeopathy and skin is in a lower place of the physical body than emotions so when we treat the skin we don’t expect such a bad aggravation on an emotional level.If the remedy is indicated the aggravation could be on the skin for a while followed up from amelioration.



In homeopathy, temporary worsening of symptoms, or aggravation, can sometimes happen. However, be cautious if:

– It’s severe or prolonged

– New symptoms appear

– Chronic conditions worsen

– There’s no subsequent improvement

– Discomfort persists


If you notice these signs, consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner to reassess your treatment. Stay informed and ensure your health journey is on the right path.



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