Meet Dr. Anelia Doncheva

Hello and welcome!

I'm Anelia, a veterinarian and a Classically trained Homeopath based in

London, Essex in the UK.

With a background as a vet turned holistic practitioner, I've embarked

on a transformative journey that led me to the profound world of


After a few years in practice, a new problem emerged for me: the reality

of chronic and recurring disease. Animals would come in time and

time again for the same problem. I started to feel inadequate by

delivering the same treatments every time they were brought to the

surgery. I also started to sense a discrepancy between the diagnostic

possibilities that existing treatments for a large variety of diagnoses

and symptoms came down to using antibiotics, steroids, non-steroidal

anti-inflammationn drugs or a combination of them: treatments were

often very similar even if the diagnosis was different.

My introduction to homeopathy came at a critical juncture when my

daughter, just three months old, faced a health crisis after a vaccine.

Desperate for a safe and gentle solution, I discovered the

transformative power of homeopathy. Witnessing its remarkable

impact on my family, I decided to delve into this healing art.

I honed my skills at the International Academy of Classical

Homeopathy under the guidance of Professor Vithoulkas, a renowned

figure in the field. His teachings have equipped me to uphold the

highest standards in Classical homeopathy, allowing me to bring

exceptional care to my patients. My teacher is recognized around the

world as the personality who re-established homeopathy in the 20th

century. In 1996, He was honoured with the Right Livelihood Award

(also known as Alternative Nobel Prize “…for his outstanding

contribution to the revival of homeopathy.

My practice goes beyond conventional medicine. It embraces the

intricate connection between physical and emotional well-being, often

rooted in family and relationship dynamics. I believe addressing these

aspects is critical to unlocking lasting health and vitality.

I specialize in

navigating mental and emotional challenges, recognizing that they

often lie at the heart of physical ailments. By piecing together your

unique story, I aim to find remedies that support your healing and

guide you towards your fullest potential.

So, wellcome to a space where

healing is not just a practice but a personalized, heartfelt experience.

Welcome to the warm and experience of Homeopathy Hub, where

holistic health becomes a personal journey for both you and your furry