Navigating Christmas Stress and Overeating: Essential Remedies to Keep on Hand

As the year comes to a close, and holiday busyness and preparations add to the stress, or when planning events leaves you feeling tired and anxious, Homeopathy is here to offer support. Whether you need a break at the end of the year or are facing fatigue and pre-event nerves, these remedies can come in handy.


Remember, simplicity and natural solutions can be your allies during these times.

NUV VOMICA – It is often used in the state of exhaustion from overworking, where the nervous system can’t tolerate even the slightest stimulus. The central idea is the irritation of the nervous system when the brain can’t stop working and you suffer from sleeplessness 3-4 am. Oversensitive to external impressions- noise, music, odour, light.

It is a great remedy for people who need more stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and specie food.

On the physical level – Gut and bowel problems – constipation, nervous bladder.


ARSENICUM ALBUM – It’s also recognized for relieving symptoms of food poisoning and is often in high demand globally. Diarrhoea after food poisoning. Vomiting and great weakness. Chilly, thirst for sips, prefers warm drinks. The person wants to be covered with many blankets. Heat of the head with the coldness of a body. It is worst after the midnight 1-2am.

On Mental level  – Deep feelings of insecurity, fear of death and being alone. Must control everything and order makes a person feel well. The disorder makes him very anxious.


ARGENTUM NITRICUM  – It is highly effective for anxiety, particularly anticipatory anxiety and emotional stress. It addresses the dread of ordeals, health-related concerns, and nervousness before significant events like exams or job interviews. Individuals in need of this remedy are often hurried, excitable, and may crave sweets, but experience digestive issues after consuming them. Stress tends to manifest as diarrhoea and frequent urination in these cases.


BRYONIA  -This is a great remedy for stress related to business and financial issues. People who need it tend to be hard workers but they have a big insecurity and fear of poverty. They are irritable and like to be alone. The stress is manifest on a physical level as stiffness in muscles and joints. Every motion gets worse.


CALCAREA CARBONICA  – This remedy is advised for individuals experiencing stress due to excessive work demands or financial pressures. Those in need of this remedy are diligent workers who may face burnout and heightened stress during deadlines, performance anxieties, and concerns about financial stability. They are particularly sensitive to negative news and harbour worries about the safety and health of their loved ones. The stress may manifest in physical symptoms such as obesity, stomach disorders including constipation, and issues with nails and skin.


Sending warm wishes for a healthy and happy Christmas season! May you and your loved ones enjoy the gift of good health and joy.





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