Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I take the privacy rights of my clients very seriously. This privacy policy sets out how I deal with your ‘personal information’, that is,

information that could identify, or is related to the identity of, an individual.

Information Collection

In the process of providing you with personalized services, we request certain information, including but not limited to:



Date of birth

Home address

Email address

Telephone number

Medical history

Over time, additional details related to your consultations, prescribed remedies, and recommended therapies may be

incorporated into your record.

Collection Method

All information is directly collected from you, typically during your initial consultation. Your consent is sought at the time of

booking an appointment through our online diary system.

Consent and Storage

Your consent is fundamental for compliance with data protection legislation. Information is securely stored on password-

protected personal computers and backed up to prevent data loss.

Data Retention

Your personal information will be retained for 7 years post your last consultation. For individuals under 18, records are maintained

for 7 years post their 18th birthday, adhering to licensing requirements. After this period, files are securely destroyed, and digital

data is erased.

Utilization of Personal Information

We use your personal information to analyze and address the conditions for which you seek consultation, tailoring remedies and

therapies accordingly. Communication channels include email, telephone, video calls, and online messaging services.

Data Sharing

Rest assured, we do not share your personal information with any third parties.

Update and Correction

To maintain accuracy, please inform us of any changes to your personal information. You have the right, under data protection

legislation, to inspect and request corrections to the information we hold about you.

Storage Methods

Client notes are stored securely on password-protected personal computers. Online booking details are hosted on, ensuring secure storage. Email support and newsletters are managed through mailchimp, and personal

emailing services are provided by TSO host. Homeopathic courses hosted on Teachable retain your name and email for course


Policy Amendments

This policy may be revised periodically. Material changes will be communicated to you.


For queries, alternative format requests, or complaints regarding our privacy practices, please contact:

We appreciate your trust in us and are committed to safeguarding your privacy.