Sinusitis and Homeopatic Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies for Sinusitis

Here are some specific remedies based on the symptoms:

       1. Arsenicum Album: The nose constantly drips a thin, clear mucous, and there’s a feeling of blocked sinuses, especially             above and beside the nose. Often, the right side of the nose feels clogged. The sinuses and nose might feel irritated or               burn. This kind of cold seems to linger and might feel like it’s moving into the chest. A congested feeling in the head can            turn into a headache. If these symptoms, especially nasal stuffiness and white or grey mucous, don’t go away, using                     Arsensicum Album followed by Kali Mur, as indicated by a white or grey coating on the tongue, can be helpful.

  1. Calcarea Carbonica: Suited for when the root of the nose feels swollen, with yellow catarrh and a dry, blocked nose at night.

      3.Kali Bichromicum: Effective for thick, sticky, yellow mucous clogging the nose and sinuses, particularly with frontal sinus         headaches.

  1. Lycopodium: Addresses blocked nose leading to mouth breathing, especially effective when the right nostril blocks first.
  1. Mercurius Solubilis: For yellow-green mucous, swollen sinus bones, and fluctuating temperatures. Consider Merc-Sulph for persistent phlegm in the chest  .
  1. Natrum Muriaticum: Helps when cheekbones ache, the nose feels dry yet stuffed, and there’s a sudden flow of clear mucous.


  1. Nux Vomica: For alternating blockage between nostrils, particularly effective for those with a driven and irritable nature.


  1. Pulsatilla: Ideal for thick yellow catarrh, loss of smell and taste, and symptoms improving in fresh air.


  1. Sepia: Good for green or yellow mucous that needs to be hawked up, particularly after menstrual cycles or during exhaustion.


  1. Silica: Addresses crusty, bleeding noses and frothy white mucous, with sensations in the ears.


Remember, while homeopathy offers a holistic approach to treating sinusitis, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional, especially for chronic or severe cases. Each individual’s response to homeopathic treatment can vary, so it’s crucial to closely monitor symptoms and adjust treatment as needed.


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