Understanding Fever’s Role in Recurring Health Issues: Insights for Improved Wellness

What If you have a nasty cold/flu each month? Do you need a short consultation for your recurring acute or do you need a full consultation for those recurring issues that are a chronic problem?


Homeopathy is a great tool not just to improve your symptoms and help to relieve them by letting the symptoms go away but at a general level and it is a process. Recurring statements are chronic problems and the goal is to go much deeper under the surface of acute symptoms which are a part, a layer of the whole illness. Here you can learn more about the theory of Prof. G.Vithoulkas for the Unity of the Continuity of the health and connection between acute and chronic illness https://homeopathy-hub.com/free-homeopathic-resources-level-of-health/



So the first question I will ask you will be when was your last fever and how much was it? Once I have the key to your answer I will know in which direction I should expect the manifestation of your symptoms are go after the right remedy.



The acute consultation is for an acute statement but if they are repeated each month they are chronic issues. It doesn’t matter if is it a cold/flu, ear, throat problem, cystitis, anxiety, panic attacks, PMS, or whatever. In the body, this is a deep chronic suffering.

Acute consultations are short about about 30 min and the idea is to relieve the current symptoms but it is not enough to go deeper and have more information what is behind them. All symptoms and their modalities are expressions of the vital force so why do we work with them, not with a diagnosis? What makes your symptoms better or worse is important and turn your symptoms into a 3D picture If I can say in this way.

This is the main difference between Western medicine and homeopathy where we don’t treat just symptoms we need to address the root of the case. If we treat only the symptoms won’t be very different than Western medicine and we also can suppress them even with homeopathy.  In this way, we won’t achieve the best goal to unlock the full potential of the body by homeopathy. We must understand what we do and the meaning of reaction after the remedy.

If I want to find the best-acting remedy at a deep level for your chronic issue which could be a recurring problem because of the nature of the deeply seated problem, which is chronic issue and it is the layer from below the surface I need to ask you much more about tour previous health history and family history as well.

For me, it is important to improve your level of health on a deep level.

So why am I asking you for more details about your last high fever? If I know more about it I will know what to expect from your body in the future. If you missed for a very long time a good fever like  101.3 the next right reaction of your body treating with homeopathy will be to expect a fever like this before your chronic, recurring issues disappear. It takes different time for everyone because each of us belongs to a different level of health. You can learn

more about a Level of Health  – a theory of Prof.Vithoulkas from this video https://homeopathy-hub.com/free-homeopathic-resources-level-of-health/

In a scenario, If you had a fever like 101.3 recently or in the last months or regulatory I don’t expect to have a high fever like this. I expect to get more healthy and this regular episode of cold/flu with fever each month to disappear. 


I will need your update after I give you your chronic remedy because this will give me a good assessment of what is happening in your body and in which direction things are going.


So the next very important step is to check by  follow-up consultation in a month  – 4- 8 weeks after your first full chronic consultation and see how are you generally feeling, what is improving, and what is still bothering you. If you develop a fever during this time you need to notify me. Sometimes while we are treating constitutionally for chronic issues we need to wait even with another acute situation but it is very individual for everyone and this is a decision that your homeopath will make.



I hope that my explanation gives you more clarity now but any questions are very welcome.



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